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Ski Gear

Are you new to skiing or boarding, or getting back into the sport after a long layoff? You might feel a bit intimidated by all the gear choices you face. Don’t worry…one of the advantages of belonging to Tannenbaum is that you’ll always have someone to turn to for advice.

Resist the urge to dive into all the hardware—your first priority should be staying warm and dry, so investing in a good set of thermal underwear and a good windproof and waterproof shell is a start.  

If you don’t own your own equipment, don’t rush into a purchase. Take your time, and take advantage of the rental options until you have a good idea what gear suits your ability and pocketbook.    

If you decide to purchase equipment in stages, start with boots. Properly fitted boots can make all the difference between a great day on the slopes and sheer misery. Boots are definitely one item where it pays off in the long run to buy at a specialist ski shop staffed by knowledgeable salespeople. You may pay more, but you’ll get a boot that fits properly, and if you develop hot spots, you can return to the shop and have the fit adjusted, usually for no charge.  

If you want to try out the latest skis, sign up for the Sölden Testski over Columbus Day weekend (page 42). Many of the top companies will have their newest gear on hand, and you can test drive it for free! Make sure you try several lengths to lock in the ski that’s right for you.

Above all, don’t forget your best resource for free advice: other Tannenbaum members! Come to a social and ask others what equipment they like and why. You’ll learn a lot about gear, and enjoy the good company.

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