Ski Club

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The Ten Commandments

THOU SHALT BE ON TIME. TSC bus schedules are FIRM! We leave at specific times, as briefed by the TC. Please be there 30–45 minutes early and help load skis and bags at the direction of the bus driver.

THOU SHALT RELAX AND ENJOY THYSELF. Select a seat, sit back, loosen up (but not too much), and leave the driving to us. Enjoy the good company and we will supply all the fun. Seats are not reserved and once on the bus, the seat you select is yours for the entire trip (unless you negotiate a swap with someone else). The earlier you arrive, the better your choice.

THOU SHALLT BE TIDY. The refreshments on the bus are for everyone. Don’t fill your glass to the top, as the road may be bumpy. Sandwiches are served when we depart and return. Be sure to throw all trash in the bags provided. Keep your area clean. Your bus driver and the TC will be much happier if you do not litter. Remember, the bus driver is responsible for the condition of the bus and TSC could be held liable for damages even if done unintentionally. Speaking of tidy, buses are not allowed to dump your “you know what” in other countries, so try to avoid filling the toilet, or it stays that way. Guys—remember—everyone must sit when using the toilet.

THOU SHALL NOT OVERDO. Do not drink too much, or you’ll learn about the TSC “Puke & Pay” policy. You puke, you pay €50 to the bus driver, plus you get the honor of cleaning it up. If you feel the need, out of respect for your neighbors, please ask the TC for a barf bag.

THOU SHALT BE GOOD TO THY NEIGHBOR. Don’t forget, not everyone enjoys partying to the same degree. A little consideration goes a long way. Try not to be obnoxious. We are all here to have a good time and it only takes one to undo the friendly atmosphere. Streaking the bus and mooning the customs officials are some examples of truly unacceptable behavior.

THOU SHALT NOT SMOKE. Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the bus to include the toilet. The only exception is for the bus driver. The TC will report violators to the Board of Directors for further action.

THOU SHALT NOT WEAR SKI BOOTS ON THE BUS. Ski boots are stored under the bus, and are put on and taken off outside the bus. Wearing ski boots on the bus ruins the carpet. Après-ski shoes or tennis shoes are worn on the bus. If you make the bus driver mad, he may leave you behind!

THOU SHALT NOT LEAN SKIS AGAINST THE BUS. Leaning skis against the bus scratches the paint. You might be surprised to receive the bill for a new paint job—and you thought detailing your car was expensive!

THOU SHALT NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. If you drink on the return trip, don’t drive yourself home after arriving at our parking location. Ensure that you have a designated driver and a backup plan if you continue to party on the way home. We want you around to enjoy more TSC ski trips. Remember, the life you save may be your own!

THOU SHALT HONOR, RESPECT, AND OBEY THE TRIP CAPTAIN. The TC is in charge—PLEASE cooperate. Do not open any doors, hatches, or anything fastened on the bus. Ask the TC and he or she can ask the bus driver for assistance. Help is very much appreciated. This is a club, not a tour operation. Please help load and unload the bus. If the bus stops for any reason, follow the TC’s instructions. Stay on the bus and get off the bus when directed. At scheduled stops, help the TC with trash cleanup and dumping. Talk to the TC and not the bus driver—don’t give orders, directions, or otherwise interfere with the bus driver. (See BEHAVIOR under TSC Trip Policies on page 15.)

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