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Wear a Helmet

Every year more people are protecting themselves by wearing ski helmets. Obviously wearing one is a personal choice, but there are many reasons so many skiers are making this positive decision.. Simply stated, ski helmets make sense because they provide significant protection from impact injuries.. 

Forget the excuses. Here are the reasons you should wear a helmet:

1) Advanced and expert skiers are at an equal, if not higher, risk of sustaining serious injury to most beginners. They cover more terrain, take greater risks, and fall harder. In comparison, beginners are usually more cautious. This is not an excuse for beginners to skip wearing a helmet though! It only takes one fall or collision to cause permanent, severe damage and you never know when that might happen.

2) You do not control other skiers on the slopes. As ski resorts become increasingly crowded, you are at a higher risk of colliding with another skier. Those new to the slopes are usually learning in the same area. Often, beginners lose control, forget how to stop, or don’t know how to handle variable terrain. Experienced skiers sometimes get carried away and forget their true skiing abilities and responsibilities. Regardless of skill level, everyone has the potential for injury.

3) Helmets protect you from more than speed injuries. A seemingly harmless fall could result in bumps and bruises, severe headaches, concussions, unconsciousness, or worse.

4) Helmets are warmer than hats, a real plus in inclement weather. In good weather you’ll be surprised at how cool they are due to venting options available on many styles.

Don’t fret! You can still make your own individual fashion statement with the many different shapes, styles, and colors of helmets available today. Before you head out to the slopes take some time to look at ski helmets and consider adding this piece of equipment to your ski gear.

It is definitely a worthy investment!

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