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Winter Sports Insurance

Why do you need ski/winter sport insurance? Many reasons: (1) the high cost of equipment and the rising rate of equipment theft, (2) skiing is an inherently risky sport that can sometimes cause personal injury, (3) most importantly, TSC requires you to purchase a policy.

When you become a TSC member or attend as a guest of a member, you automatically release TSC from liability of injury or loss of equipment. However, personal ski/winter sport insurance will insure your losses.

Regrettably, nearly every season at least one TSC member finds themselves the victim of equipment theft or suffers an injury. Winter sport insurance will cover most, if not all, of these costs. The following information is a snapshot of how the insurance works in Europe; each policy is a little different, so read your policy thoroughly. It is available for individuals and families. Snowboarding coverage tends to cost a little extra in Europe.

Basic coverage:

1.    Equipment: Covers skis with bindings and brakes, poles, grass-skis, ski-rollers, ice skates, skibob, or sleds against theft, damage, or breakage up to a fair euro limit/cap per incident.

2. Accident Insurance: Covers death, disability, and rescue for adults and children.

3. Liability Insurance (in case you are at fault): Covers bodily injury and property damage to others, up to a fair euro limit/cap per incident.

Some insurance will also cover (these may cost extra or require a membership):

1.  Legal protection insurance

2.  Medical coverage in case you are in need of medical attention.

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